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AI Practitioner Course

The AI Practitioner Course is the second step in the AI strategy training series based on “The AI Factor” and delves deeper into the practical aspects of applying AI in business.

The AI Practitioner Course is designed for professionals to harness the power of AI in business. It dives deep into AI strategies, data readiness, and practical AI applications, focusing on integrating AI into business models for innovation and efficiency.

Who Should Enroll:

This course is ideal for business professionals, project managers, and tech enthusiasts aiming to integrate AI into their business strategies.

Course Outcomes:

Participants will gain expertise in applying AI in business contexts, understanding data readiness, and effectively implementing and scaling AI initiatives for maximum business impact.

Key takeaways from the AI Practitioner Course include:

  • Analyzing Business Quadrants:

    Understanding the current stage and innovation potential of your business.

  • Mastering Data Readiness:

    Learning how to assess and prepare your organization for AI and data strategies.

  • Prioritization Techniques:

    Identifying and prioritizing AI use cases that offer the most value. Evaluating the business value and data value components of a prospective AI project.

  • Understanding AI Implementation:

    Gaining insights into practical applications of AI in real-world scenarios.

  • AI Flywheel Concept:

    Exploring how to implement, measure, and scale AI initiatives effectively.

This course provides a comprehensive foundation for anyone looking to delve into the world of AI, especially in a business context. 

Course Outline

This outline is illustrative and can be adapted to the specific business needs and structure of the participants of the course.

  • Overview of AI in the business context
  • Analyzing Business Quadrants for innovation potential